Gabby received change worth $2.10. She received 3 more dimes than nickels and 4 less quarters than nickels. How many of each kind of coins did she receive?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Gabby received 7 nickels10 dimes3 quartersStep-by-step explanation:Letx----> the number of dimesy----> the number of nickelsz---> the number of quartersRemember that1 dime=$0.101 nickel=$0.051 quarter=$0.25we know that0.10x+0.05y+0.25z=2.10 ------> equation Ax=y+3-----> equation Bz=y-4 -----> equation Csubstitute equation B and equation C in equation A and solve for y0.10(y+3)+0.05y+0.25(y-4)=2.100.10y+0.30+0.05y+0.25y-1=2.100.40y=2.10-0.30+10.40y=2.80y=7 nickelsFind the value of xx=y+3 -----> x=7+3=10 dimesFind the value of z z=y-4 -----> z=7-4=3 quartersthereforeGabby received 7 nickels10 dimes3 quarters