LASER scanner

LASER scanner

It is a device used in precise surveying, where it sheds millions of points on the surrounding space, when these points collide with any solid element that the device draws, and thus generates a point cloud consisting of millions of points for the surrounding medium.

This point cloud embodies the building or object that was monitored by the device. This device uses the following:

  • Documenting the archaeological buildings with all the cracks in the stone walls (the accuracy of laser monitoring reaches the detection of parts or cracks 1 mm wide).
  • Very accurate surveying of interior spaces (galleries – rooms – buildings – etc.) for the purpose of imagining them and making a three-dimensional model for them and then re-designing them.
  • Surveying of the contents and production lines of a factory in order to send them to the company that will modify some production lines without the need for the engineers of that company to come to the factory (they may be in another country) and thus the shape of the factory is transferred from the inside by a point cloud or a three-dimensional model generated by the device .
  • Building tendencies detection.
  • Surveying of mountains and rocky pieces that it is impossible for a surveyor to be above.

Attached are pictures of a survey scan by a laser scanner for a hall, where the device generated a point cloud that represents the entire interior space of the hall, then we processed the point cloud and generated clear and measurable visible lines to be dealt with using the AutoCAD program, it is possible to take measurements from the point cloud directly, because it is Made up of dots, not just an image.

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