Pre-cast elements

Pre-cast elements


The advantages of this method are:

  • Great speed in creation and implementation.
  • Covering large openings and grooves with a small thickness of Hollow core slab slices.
  • Covering lanes up to 18 meters using Double T slabs or other systems.
  • The weight of the prefabricated building is less than the weight of the building consisting of slabs poured in place, which is useful in saving thickness and iron bases, and mitigating the seismic effect on the building.

The disadvantages of this method:

  • Great difficulty in using this method in buildings that do not have a uniform distribution of columns and a regular shape of the roofs.
  • Limited possibility of making holes within the Hollow core slab segments to prevent breakage of the reinforcing cables in them.
  • The cost per flat meter of ceilings is rather high.

Types of buildings in which this method is used:

  • Parking.
  • Regular commercial buildings in shape.
  • The floor of the halls located on the upper floors.
  • Regular shaped prefabricated apartment buildings are quick to erect.

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