Pre-cast elements

السابق التالي Pre-cast elements   The advantages of this method are: Great speed in creation and implementation. Covering large openings and grooves with a small thickness of Hollow core slab slices. Covering lanes up to 18 meters using Double T slabs or other systems. The weight of the prefabricated building is less than the weight …

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LASER scanner

Previous Next LASER scanner It is a device used in precise surveying, where it sheds millions of points on the surrounding space, when these points collide with any solid element that the device draws, and thus generates a point cloud consisting of millions of points for the surrounding medium. This point cloud embodies the building …

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Underground water

Previous Next Underground water In most projects, we encountered the problem of groundwater, especially in projects that contain an underground or two floors. The groundwater is drained during the foundation stage and implementation of the lower floors by the de-watering system.The process of draining and pumping groundwater must continue until the weight of the poured …

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Modeling errors

Previous Next A very common modeling error In the first picture: Vertical section in a model of a building modeled using ETABS program, the ground floor column is characterized by a double height, meaning that it is not connected to the slab of the first floor, but continues directly to the second floor. It is …

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